Melior Investment Management

A flagship report

Project management



With their first ever annual report, Melior were looking for a design that would match the impact their fund is making in the world.

As this was the first execution of their brand identity in a long-format document, it was important to get all the design elements right and manage the whole process efficiently, without losing sight of their deadline.


Drawing on our design expertise and knowledge of what’s expected from an annual report for a managed fund, we supported the Melior team in coming up with their scope and structure.

As a new fund in the competitive responsible investing space, Melior needed a design that would balance their impact and investment credentials. We developed concepts, using their vibrant brand colours and natural imagery, to make a visual impact that’s bold yet refined.


The result is a beautifully designed and polished document, announcing Melior as a leader in impact investing.

“Thanks so much Lexicon for all your hard work on this. We are all delighted with the outcome.”

Lucy Steed, Chief Executive Officer

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