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Getting new members to join a super fund is one thing. Getting them to engage with their future is another challenge altogether.

Customer retention was a key objective for this client. The team of relationship managers running member workshops were at the coal face of client  engagement but their enthusiasm was flagging due to tired content and uninspiring materials.

Educational content inspires members
Explainer videos make it easy to take action
Infographics bring facts to life


If we all know we need to pay more attention to our super then why don’t we?

This question was the spark Lexicon used to create a different type of super education program for Colonial First State. By delving into behavioural psychology we designed a new approach to talking to members about their super. One that focused on human behaviours rather than dry technicalities.

As relationship managers, the team were already great communicators. So we designed an education program that played to their strengths, incorporating personal storytelling, pop quizzes and ‘what if’ exercises the audience could participate in. The content encouraged members to feel good about what they had already achieved with super and helped them envisage what more they could do.

The team were revitalised by their new sales, transition and education tools, giving them the boost they needed to be more empowered and effective. A series of animated videos gave them new props to bring their sessions to life. Workshops became truly interactive experiences with real heart behind the content.

Three Steps to Better Super Video

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