Retirement - city, country or coast?

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For most people over 55, retirement is a source of both anticipation and mild trepidation. How will it feel? What will I do? And, perhaps most significantly, can I afford it?

StatePlus, Australia’s leading provider of retirement advice, wanted to make the most of the online environment to give millions of pre-retirees around the country the benefit of their 26-years of experience to answer these questions.

But how do you do this effectively using a channel that can be noisy, cluttered and overwhelming?

Engaging videos bring stories to life
Interactive experiences to support retirees
A retirement guide to generate leads


An insightful digital strategy, brought to life through relevant and compelling content, was what we were gunning for. We started by getting a clearer picture of over-55s in cities, up and down the coast and in the country, investigating their hopes, dreams and fears when it came to retirement.

We then leveraged insights into human behaviour to design a strategy and map a content journey, guiding our audience through the sales funnel from awareness to consideration and, ultimately, action.

The outcome was a content series focused on answering key retirement questions. Lexicon delivered an engaging e-book to enable lead capture and developed videos, articles, and fun interactive polls to support campaign spend on a variety of social platforms. Each piece of content was designed to inspire, entertain and educate.

Real life retirees share their stories on video

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