Allianz Retire+

Launching a complex product, simply

Product launch

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Allianz Retire+ was a new business, powered by Allianz and PIMCO, two global leaders in financial services. Their challenge was to bring a brand new style of retirement income product to market without getting advisers and their clients lost in the complexity.


Lexicon embarked on an extensive ‘discovery’ journey with the marketing, sales and product teams to get the lowdown on product, audience and competitive space. We sifted and brainstormed through all our findings, landing on a clear and authentic CVP, for adviser and client.

Working in sprints with the team, we brought the strategic framework to life in an all-encompassing collection of formats and tools – from researcher presentations and adviser product brochures, to the BDM pitch.

The result was a truly fresh and engaging product launch. The sales team were armed and ready to spread the word, with a strong and simple collection of messages to make real impact with their audience.

Product brochure to inform financial advisers
Engaging prospects with effective sales tools

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