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Annuities giant Challenger had created a successful above-the-line campaign, putting the brand front and centre with its B2C target audience. Now it was time to turn awareness into consideration and move prospects through the marketing funnel.

Using content to take customers on a supported, seamless journey from TVC to website visit to lead capture was the ultimate goal of this project. Content that was on point in every way was crucial to creating positive audience engagement.


Our full-day workshop was just the thing the team needed to get up close and personal with their audience. We put them in the shoes of the customer so they could unpack the journey of investing in an annuity with Challenger.

We kept energy and creativity high with some stretch goals and innovative facilitation techniques. It was the perfect way to dip into the collective knowledge from the team and harness insights to build-out winning campaign content.

With a swag of ideas to fill in the blanks on the customer journey, our content execution for Challenger was comprehensive and compliance friendly. Key pieces included an e-guide that delivered in-depth information and insights on lifestyle and financial choices. As a rich resource for retirement planning, it definitely proved its worth as a lead generation tool.

All in all, the project won us major kudos with a marketing team looking for something new and effective for their brand, product and customers. ‘Exceeding expectations’ is an endorsement from their marketing team we’re not too shy to share.

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