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PIMCO is the global leader in fixed income. It’s a brand that stands for intelligence, integrity and trust. They wanted to bring those brand attributes to life and at the same time provide value to their core customers, financial advisers. Beyond the standard fund collateral and events, how could this premium brand deliver value above and beyond in a scalable way?


Market Intelligence by PIMCO, an online resource envied by others in the industry as a tool for starting conversations, supporting clients and demonstrating how PIMCO delivers genuine value to advisers.

The strategy underpinning this online resource was successful conversations. By providing a mix of visual, written and interactive content we built a resource that advisers could dip into every day. With Lexicon developing both the framework and content, the design breaks down highly sophisticated concepts and presents them as step-by-step modules in simple language that advisers can share with clients.

Evergreen, long form content is complimented with topical commentary and insights, providing PIMCO with the opportunity to continually engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

Market Intelligence by PIMCO Explainer Video


5,000 page views in the first six months

76% of visitors interact with content

"Lexicon thoroughly understands the adviser market and how to communicate with them. In doing so, they effectively translate the complex into terms which assists advisers in working with their clients.” Phillipa Healy, Senior Vice President (previously Head of Marketing, Australia and New Zealand)

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