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Many Australians start thinking about retiring during their 50’s. However the economic reality means most won’t be able to retire until well into their 60’s. This long lead time creates a unique marketing challenge for super funds. How do we keep our audience engaged for years rather than months?  And how can we add value during this key transition period in our customers’ lives?


Lexicon’s answer was to tap into the audience’s curiosity. Let’s be honest, we’re all a little nosy when it comes to other people and their money. By taking a human centred approach to the challenge of retirement planning, we were able to create a campaign that would go the distance.

Using the real-life experiences of other super fund members, answers to burning questions were revealed one-by-one in a series of monthly emails. Flexing our talents in content creation, each email was packed with genuine insights, tips, tools and member-generated content along with lifestyle questions, videos, interactive activities and technical Q&As that kept the audience wanting to learn more.

Retirement video campaign


52% email open rate

34 – 43% email click through rate

2 page views on average per visitor

1:46 minutes spent on each page on average

“Our amazing agency worked with us from the beginning of this campaign to deliver the creative concept and components – hitting the mark from the creative brief 100%.”

Emily Allen, Senior Marketing Manger

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