State Street Global Advisors

A crisis-ready campaign

Campaign creative

Campaign execution


State Street approached Lexicon to develop a strategic campaign message for the launch of their ETF Model Portfolios. And then the COVID-19 crisis hit and the world had changed overnight. With the media plan already locked in, there was no going back on the launch schedule. Lexicon was tasked with developing messaging that would make sense in the bizarre world of a global pandemic.


The world may have changed but our process hadn’t. As always we started with the audience. Why would a financial planner benefit from taking up this product and why now? After looking at what was putting planners under pressure, it was clear that this is a product aimed at giving time back to advisers. Time they can then spend on the most important aspect of their business – their clients.

We developed messaging that put the spotlight on the core benefit of the product – more time – while also giving advisers credit for all they do for their clients, in good times and bad.


The result was a sensitive, engaging and on brand message that delivered on our client’s objectives.

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