Is your About Us page working for you?

Is your About Us page working for you?

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What are the most important pages on your website? Your ‘Homepage’ certainly. Definitely ‘Contact Us’ and your blog might be up there too. But did you know that ‘About Us’ is among the highest ranking?

Data tells us more than 50 per cent of your visitors will head to your About Us page. Along with your home page, this is where you get your chance to build a positive story around your brand and convince potential customers they’ve come to the right place.

The stakes are high with this content. Get it right and you’ll build trust with your audience. Get it wrong and you could send them straight to the competition. So if your ‘About Us’ page isn’t quite up to the task, here are five tips to help you get the right reaction.

  1. Define the goal of the page
    What are your customers trying to achieve when they visit your ‘About Us’ page? What is their ultimate goal? Maybe they want to know what you do or where you operate or get a sense of your size, strength or success. Or perhaps the page is not for your customers at all, but for potential employees. For many businesses, the About Us page helps in the recruitment process. Getting clear on your visitors’ goals will help you work out what to include.
  2. Put the important stuff up front
    The next step is to identify the most important information and make sure it features first. As a general rule, you want your ‘About Us’ page to cover the following points right from the start:

    • What you do and who you do it for
    • Your company type, size, location/s and how long you’ve been in business
    • The main problem you solve for customers
    • The point of difference that makes your business stand out
  3. Back up your claims with evidence
    Statements without proof points can be read as empty bragging. So it’s worth putting time in to back up your ‘About Us’ page content with evidence that makes this essential information credible. If you say you’re the biggest, oldest, most successful, most innovative, you need to be able to prove it. Company facts such as employee numbers, customer numbers, years in operation, funds under management and profitability are all great sources. You can also look for third-party industry data that shows where you sit in a particular market. Beyond numbers, awards, industry memberships and positions of influence can highlight your credentials and achievements. Client testimonials and case studies offer reassurance that you deliver on your promises.
  4. Find ways to elevate
    Once you’ve got the basic facts out of the way, your ‘About Us’ page can be used to elevate your story and inspire people. This is your opportunity to communicate your brand as human and relatable. Maybe this is an origin story describing why the business was founded and by who. Or, if your company has a strong brand story, it might be why and how your brand was developed. Another idea is to use your company values to cut through the corporate speak and get to the heart of the people behind your brand.
  5. Break it up and use visuals
    Finally, like all good content, your ‘About Us’ page should be brought to life with headings, bullet points and visual devices. You can use timelines, charts and inspirational imagery that best represents your brand. Budget permitting, this is also a great opportunity to showcase your business with a short brand video. Whilst it might seem like a box to be ticked, your ‘About Us’ isn’t just another page on your website. Give it the time and attention it deserves, and it will repay you by helping you engage, and build trust with, your audience.

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