Five tips for taking advantage of the current content opportunity

Five tips to take advantage of your content

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Tough times for our economy means people are more uncertain about all things money. They’re looking for content to inform and reassure them so there’s no better time to go the extra mile with your content strategy and output.

Let’s face it, marketing financial services isn’t always sexy. We don’t get to promote products that are beautiful, go fast or taste good.

But money, and managing it properly, is essential to the wellbeing of all Australians, especially as we face uncertain economic times. With an increasing hunger for information, every financial services brand has a chance to step into the limelight and connect with their audience.

With hard times upon us, financial services brands have permission to take consumers into their confidence. They can prove their value and integrity by sharing tips, insights and guidance relevant to what people are going through right now.

We’re well past the “we’re here for you” sentiments that have become commonplace for so many brands. So the question is, what next? Here are our top 5 tips for kicking off any content strategy:

  1. Start with your customer
    If your audience has been going through a lot of change, their priorities and behaviours will be changing too. And your content topics and tone need to match up with what they want to hear. Check your latest customer surveys and industry research to explore their pain points. Talk to BDMs, sales and customer service teams to get a sense of the questions and concerns you’ll need to address.
  2. Know your objective
    Be clear on what you want your audience to think, feel and do off the back of your content. Is it for brand awareness only or are you reaching out to an audience that’s closer to making a buying decision?
  3. Find that content sweet spot
    What can your content offer your audience in the way of knowledge and value?  Where is that overlap between what they want to know and what you have to share? Going back to your value proposition can be the perfect way to find your sweet spot for really relevant and authentic content.
  4. Educate and engage
    Right now people are anxious about all things money and want to be reassured and informed by an expert brand that’s sensitive to what they’re going through. You can distract them with entertainment too, but tread carefully. Edelman research on brand trust during the coronavirus pandemic shows 57% of people don’t want to see marketing that is humorous or light-hearted.
  5. Make a plan to maximise your content
    At Lexicon we’re big fans of the COPE (create once publish everywhere) approach to content marketing. The planning it takes to roll out content across different channels might be a bit dull. But it can help you turn a few pieces of quality long-form content into a whole awareness or nurture journey. That way you’ll be getting as much value from your content as your audience.

Maybe marketing cool stuff isn’t what we’re used to. But for now, financial services content is right on trend so why not make the most of it?

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