Anything but routine

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After nearly two years of COVID disruption, none of us know quite what to expect from 2022. But there’s no harm in having hopes and dreams. We check in with two of our amazing clients to find out what they’re looking forward to in the coming year.

A big thank you to Lynn Baker, Head of Strategic Solutions at Aware Super and Phillipa Healy, Chief Marketing Officer at Automic for taking the time to share their thoughts during the busiest month of the year.

What are you most excited about heading into 2022?

Phillipa: I’m really excited about continuing to see the Automic team continue to form as part of our growing business. And it’s been far too long since I caught up with some of my closest friends in person. I’m looking forward to seeing them face-to-face in other states and countries.

Lynn: At this stage I’m really feeling excited about the fresh start a new year brings. For me, like many people, I’m crawling to the finish line in 2021, having not taken a holiday this year. If I could have one theme for 2022, it will be making it the year of balance – work, relationships, fun, rest, home, personal development and care.

What pandemic habit will you keep going forward?

Lynn: Through the lockdown, most mornings I exercised outside at the park with a group of inspirational women, followed by a chat over coffee. We kept each other sane through the weeks and weeks of lockdown and provided a lovely support for one another. So I’ll hold off on renewing my gym membership and keep up that routine on as many days as I can.

Phillipa: From a personal perspective, I’ll be setting clearer boundaries with my time and remembering that there is always a way to stay connected, no matter where friends and family are. 

In my professional role I’m committed to encouraging ongoing inclusiveness and purpose in hybrid models. We are all learning with hybrid models and it’s important to make sure the team and workplace approach focuses on everyone feeling connected and included.

How do you expect your working life to be different in 2022?

Phillipa: I think our working lives will continue to evolve. At Automic, we will continue to optimise our hybrid working model and adapt ourselves around how we continue to create a positive and inclusive environment that enables and encourages connectivity and leads to the best results. Marketing minds can benefit from a combination of in person and remote working environments and an effective hybrid workplace can be a key factor to optimising the skillset of marketers.

Lynn: Through my whole working life I had not really embraced working from home until it was imposed on us through the pandemic. As life starts to shift back to normal, finding a blend of working from home and being in the office will be the perfect balance of energising face-to-face interactions, while retaining the efficiency and practicality of working from home.

Will 2022 be the year of balance and connection?

It’s always tricky to find that balance between our many commitments. In some ways COVID has challenged us more than ever to stick to boundaries as we’ve turned our homes into spaces where we can work whenever it suits us.

At Lexicon, we’re pretty grateful for the flexibility and the chance to connect with each other in a personal way, but this is something we’ve always made a priority for our team and culture. It’s going to be very interesting to see what sort of habits and working patterns emerge as more workplaces adjust to flexible working as standard.


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