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We love a good read or listen. The podcast 'If books could kill' delivers the best of both with two hilarious hosts busting myths peddled by best selling books. The Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus episode is a standout

This podcast, and this episode in particular, come highly recommended. If you feel like indulging in some sharp take-downs of what can only be described as peak mansplaining with a side of patriarchy blindness – this is your little treat for International Women’s Day in 2023. This fabulously titled podcast reviews the “airport bestsellers that captured our hearts and ruined our minds.”

The teaser for the Men are from Mars episode sets the scene perfectly: In 1992 a yoga instructor with a distance-learning PhD had the courage to ask: “Are women not getting help around the house because they’re using the wrong modal verb?”. The co-hosts have great chemistry and keep the laughs coming as they debunk this popular tome. A very enjoyable listen – once you put to the back of your mind that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus sold 15 million copies. Eye roll.

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