Russell Smyth

Creative Director
"We need to do more than simply grab someone's attention - we need to find ways to use those precious moments to influence their behaviour."

As Lexicon’s creative lead, Russell has been putting his curiosity and insight to work on exceptional campaigns for over 20 years.

Long-term roles at Ogilvy and The Campaign Palace saw him work with all sorts of clients, from blue chip corporates like Singapore Airlines and Audi to State and Federal governments. As creative director on the NSW Drink Driving ‘Plan B’ campaign, Russell made our roads just a little bit safer while picking up a swag of awards.

While comedy may be his side-hustle, Russell came within a whisker of winning a Logie for a TV series he wrote back in 2009. And reaching back a little further still, he worked as a high school science teacher. With his analytical mind and ability to hone in on the human element in a sentence or story, he fits right in with our Lexicon team and beliefs.





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