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Bringing a very human face, voice and brand to the home lending space is what Nook is all about. We loved building a whole new brand identity and message strategy for Nook, giving the business confidence to bring heart – as well as very smart minds – to mortgage customers all over Australia.


As financial choices go, there are few bigger or more challenging than buying a home. After becoming money ‘agony aunts’ for friends and family during the pandemic, Nook founders found they had a lot to offer in stressful situations like home-buying and decided to start their own mortgage broking business.

Getting new customers to feel ‘at home’ was the goal for the new business name and brand. As former Lexicon team members, they knew just who to work with to develop the strategy, design and copy to create that feeling of security and comfort for clients.

And so Nook was born, a new type of mortgage broking service that delivers much more from the home-buying experience than just a loan. Nook’s commitment to educating and supporting clients, to make buying a home that much easier, comes through in the graphic style, tone of voice and the business name. A nook is somewhere cosy and safe where you go to relax, recharge and reflect – just what people want in a home.


The result is a very warm and engaging brand identity, that really stands out from other mortgage broking businesses. With a complete new website and visual identity to roll out across social media accounts, Nook is already getting noticed by clients looking for more support with the whole journey to buying their home.

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