Allianz Retire+ Product launch: Finding simplicity in a complex product

The brief

Brand new business Allianz Retire+ engaged Lexicon to create the marketing collateral for their first ever product launch. Launching a complex product into a market where all other providers have failed, they needed a fresh approach, and product collateral that both advisers and clients could connect with.

The approach

  • We undertook an extensive discovery process with the marketing, sales and product team to understand the product, audience and competitive space.
  • Using our learnings we developed clear and robust CVPs for both the adviser and client audience.
  • We created a strong message framework designed around simplicity – breaking down product complexity to something advisers and clients could understand.
  • We brought to life the messages in an engaging researcher presentation, adviser cheat sheet and BDM pitch.

The results

  • Achieving clarity and simplicity of message with such a complex product was key to a successful launch.
  • The sales team have material ready to go, and a deck of material to use at PD Days and group sessions.
  • Allianz Retire+ now have a master message framework for all future marketing collateral and communications.
  • We developed a newsletter content strategy with a 6-month editorial calendar.
  • Initial response and feedback from meetings have been extremely positive.
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