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Managing a flood of funds management content?

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Whilst many small businesses are lacking content, we find a lot of our funds management clients have the opposite issue. In fact, some are so overloaded with content that it almost feels like marketing teams are trying to drink from a fire hydrant.

But creating lots of technically excellent content that’s abundant in facts and figures doesn’t always produce an engaging read. So how can marketers deal with this flood of content and produce effective content that meets business objectives and keep stakeholders happy?

Based on our experience and learnings here are our top three tips:

  1. Turning facts into insights and localising global content takes a strategic approach

Effective marketing involves knowing your audience and engaging with them in a way that resonates. In funds management a lot of content is drafted by portfolio managers and investment specialists. And while their technical knowledge is amazing, the needs and perspectives of customers is not always top of mind.

Having a deep understanding of your audience is the foundation for making strategic decisions about key themes and topics to use, adapt or create, ensuring your audience is always front of mind. And if content is coming from offshore then adding an overlay of what’s important to clients in Australia is crucial.

  1. Dealing with your content pipeline is easier with a process in place

Managing a fast-flowing content pipeline can be challenging, but having a robust vetting process in place can help. This includes tracking content output across topics, formats, and channels, developing a content calendar, and establishing workflows and timelines for content creation, review, and publication. Involving key stakeholders from product and sales teams can also help identify the most relevant content and encourage a collaborative approach to getting content out quickly.

  1. Demonstrating expertise through readable content takes expert editing

Creating content that appeals to the wide-ranging audience of funds management can be difficult. Even institutional audiences can have varying financial knowledge and needs. Relying on in-house subject matter experts to become better writers may not be realistic. Engaging an expert editor and copywriter can help bridge the gap between technical content and a busy audience looking for quick insights.

In the same way that food cooked with joy and passion tastes better, we believe content created with enthusiasm and genuine interest leaps off the page. If you’d like to chat content, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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