How to support your Advisor audience

How to support your adviser audience

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With our economy under threat, more Australians are turning to financial advisers to get recession ready. To grab the attention of time-poor advisers, your marketing content needs to deliver practical insights and support.

Amongst the many woes of the COVID-19 pandemic for Australian businesses and individuals, we’ve seen an extraordinary turnaround for levels of trust in financial advice. In August 2019, ASIC reported that 19% of consumers don’t trust financial advisers. Fast-forward to March 2020 and we have MLC clients putting financial advisers at the top of their list as their most trusted source of updates for financial-related impacts from coronavirus.

More time poor than ever

On the one hand, this is good news for financial advisers struggling to attract new clients in the wake of the Royal Commission Inquiry. In March 2020, Adviser Ratings reported that leads to advisers have almost doubled compared with September 2019. However, it also means advisers without enough hours in the day to keep up with new compliance and education requirements, are now spreading themselves even thinner.

Along with new business enquiries, advisers are also swamped by the need to reassure existing clients, with AMP reporting that many of their 2,000 aligned advisers are working up to 14 hours a day to meet client needs during the virus-induced economic downturn.

Practical help for planners under pressure

If you market products or services to financial planners, this is the time to step up support. Any advice, insight or tool that gives them a practical way to solve problems and boost confidence is going to be a welcome arrival in their inbox. Here are three ideas:

  1. Tech tips for better client meetings
    According to the April 2020 issue of Money Management magazine, more than half of advisers are now conducting client meetings via video conference. While some may be quite comfortable with this approach to presenting to and brainstorming with clients, others may be struggling to find the right technology and tools to make this work. Sharing top tips customised for the financial planning process or even some white-label templates or materials for mind mapping and white-boarding could be just what they’re looking for to lift quality of the video meeting experience for their clients.
  2. Learning to lead in a crisis
    Not every financial adviser will think of themselves as a leader. But even if they’re not managing a team, this crisis is casting them in a leadership role by virtue of the guidance and reassurance financially stressed clients are now seeking. There are all sorts of resources out there on leadership during COVID-19. But advisers don’t have the time to sift through these and find nuggets of wisdom that apply to their profession and situation. Pulling in experts in the financial advice field and writing the definitive guide to leading in a crisis is a great way to get this audience inspired and give them practical ideas for leading effectively at a challenging time.
  3. Avoiding burnout
    With a growing to-do list in 2020, advisers are likely to be feeling pretty swamped with the day-to-day business of providing advice. That’s why tools and techniques that will help them avoid burnout are likely to be of even greater interest right now. Providing ideas and direction that are both useful and sensitive to the reality of their working lives – their compliance burden, for example – will be more likely to get their attention than run-of-the-mill self-care and time-management guides. So make sure your version shows your understanding of what they’re up against right now.

2020 is throwing up challenges and opportunities for everyone and financial advisers are no exception. They are human beings as much as they are leaders, professionals and experts. Keeping this in mind can help you create content that’s both compassionate and specific to their particular context and role within a financial crisis that’s likely to drag on for some time.

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