COVID-19: Stories from the Lexicon team

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It’s fair to say that it hasn’t been an easy year. But as a positive and resilient bunch, our Lexicon team have found their own silver linings in amongst the chaos and challenges. As we look forward to 2021, we share some brief reflections on the year that was.

Amanda Deacon, Founder & CEO

As Sydney went into lockdown in March, we faced every agency’s biggest fear – silence. No phone calls, no emails, no briefs. All that was left to fill the void were questions. How long until projects pick up again? How are our clients coping? Will they have jobs at the end of this? And the toughest question of all – how will I pay my staff?

We’ve built a great agency with a solid value proposition and an amazing team and we never needed it more than we did in March. Not only have we come back busier than ever, but remote working has created some incredible opportunities, for the business and me personally. The ubiquitous conference call has helped Lexicon go global, picking up clients and projects across Asia and Europe.

And personally, I’ve packed up the family and re-located to Cairns for 12 months of sunshine and adventure. When life throws you a massive COVID curve ball, you just have to run with it!

Ciara Waters, Founder & Head of Strategy

Shared experience is definitely my highlight of 2020. In that first intense lockdown, I spoke to neighbours, friends and family far more often than I had when things were ‘normal’. Without the distraction of our quotidian micro dramas, it felt like our conversations had more space, more time to really develop. In short, the best thing about 2020 for me, was being reminded of how lucky I am to have so many people in my life that I can rely on.

Russell Smyth, Creative Director

Each Saturday morning, I used to pick up dad from his Aged Care facility  aka nursing home but we don’t call it that  and head to the St George Motor Boat Club for a coffee overlooking Kogarah Bay. And yes, sometimes we’d have a cheeky beer at 11.30 in the morning if that’s what he felt like. And we’d sit and talk.

Most weeks, he’d look out across the marina and say ‘the cost of mooring your boat there is calculated on the length of your boat.’ This was something I’d told him one day, and he now loved explaining to me. And I liked hearing him tell me, again and again, every week. But since COVID came along in March we haven’t been, because he’s not allowed out. And that’s a bit sad.

On a cheery note, working from home means no commuting, so I haven’t had to use my alarm clock since March. I just…wake up. Bliss.

Catherine Denney, Marketing Consultant

At 9am on a Saturday morning I watch my two beautiful sons race off, laughing and jostling with a bunch of kids from the neighbourhood. For 6 hours or so, they will come and go, moving from one kid’s house to the next. Stop here and there for a game of tip, bike riding or a snack. It brings back memories of my own childhood, fills my heart with joy.

This way of life is new to us. 12 months ago, it was all organised play dates and activities, with nothing left to chance. But then COVID came along. Sure, it’s brought some fear and anxiety. But it has also opened up new ways of living and connecting. It has given our kids more freedom and the space to just be kids. And we’ve all learnt how to relax a little more, to be more present and open. As I look back at 2020, I can’t help but be grateful for these new perspectives and experiences.

Fosca Pacitto, Marketing Consultant

2020 has certainly freed up more time to start a family! Definitely the high point for me has been the luxury of working in leggings as my belly expands. Avoiding the commute to work and the need to buy expensive and boring maternity work wear have been blessings I didn’t expect from this year. With those blessings though comes a tradeoff. For me that has been the uncertainty of a family visit once bub is born in January. Who knows when our little girl will meet her grandparents?

Miriam DeLacy, Senior Copywriter

When a planned marital separation began on the eve of lockdown, the layers of strangeness got to me at first. But the timing really couldn’t have been better. What was normal for any of our kids anyway, with no play dates or school? We soon settled into our new routine, feeling richer in time together. Never have I seen my kids so grateful to have three siblings. Uno is way more fun with 4+ players.

A cancelled Easter visit from my brother means another long-term family separation is playing on my mind. But thanks to the wonder of WhatsApp I’m keeping family in the UK close to me. Friends and colleagues in Australia have supported me in all the ways I’d expect from a biological family, and more.

All these new arrangements bring more solitude than I’ve been used to in the last 25 years. Hard at first. But I’m grateful for the chance to be still and thoughtful and for new connections made at a time when so many share a need to reach out and be reassured.

Waqas Tahir, Brand Strategist

I’m a couch potato who loves movies, Netflix & video games, so 2020 legitimised all of my obsessions. ‘Working’ from home, I no longer had to worry about the dreadful Monday morning question ‘How was your weekend, where did you go?’ Suddenly there was no need to do anything on the weekend just to have an answer to that question. What am I planning to do over the long weekend, you might ask? I’m afraid I can’t go anywhere. It’s not safe, you see, will have to be a quiet one! Tea and biscuits will just have to do.

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